Creative Kickstart with Lynn from Ribbonreal

This month has been tough, and it feels like a long time ago since I posted my last creative kickstart image already. Etta had to go into hospital for a couple of nights, for what turned out to be a false alarm. It was a completely miserable time for her, she hated being prodded and poked and woken up and given medicine. Then as soon as she recovered, we set out for our holiday to France, which had been delayed by her hospital stay. Thankfully now this is all a distant memory, but the blog went completely out of the window while all this was happening.

It’s time for me to flip back into gear again and share my favourite #creativekickstart image from one of you guys! Creative Kickstart is my monthly challenge to share an image of everything that has been inspiring you over the last few weeks as way to celebrate and track your creative path.

I think you are all gonna love this month’s creative kickstart from Lynn at Ribbonreal. Like me, she is a maker who is inspired by Japanese design aesthetic and kimono motifs. Her beautiful cushions made from upcycled vintage kimonos are some of my favourite things ever.

Also from time to time she passes on her vintage kimono offcuts to me to make kanzashi from, so that even the most tiniest scraps of the kimono do not go to waste. We met when she contacted me about sharing a stall at Brighton Japan Festival a few years ago, and we bonded over our appreciation of Japanese textiles. Here is her creative kickstart image:

Creative Kickstart from Lynn at Ribbonreal

Lynn says about her image: “What’s been inspiring me this month…. Inspired to design my own fabric after a visit to the Tate to see Sonia Delaunay. Bootfairfinds old camera and illustrated cookery book make me want to own a vintage wares shop, the Toymaking book fulfills my love of modern Japanese kawaii and clean page design, while my vintage kimono cushions make me so very happy on a daily basis. So much to want to do in very little time. And the flowers are from my garden – a constant source of interest and inspiration over coffee time”

It won’t be long until I share my own #creativekickstart image for August. I just realised that I may have missed July…I will have to stop calling them after the months now! If you would like to join in with the challenge just share an image of what has been inspiring you recently on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr using the hashtag #creativekickstart, and you might get picked to be featured on the blog next month. If you want some more ideas, try searching the hashtag on social media to see what myself and others have been posting, or have a look at these past Creative Kickstart posts:

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