Swapping Gifts with Oh Comely’s Perfect Strangers Project

I recently signed up to Oh Comely’s Perfect Strangers Project. I’ve been a fan of Oh Comely for a while, as their magazine seems to be a very non-image focused publication, intent on telling stories that get to the heart of people’s lives or mindsets. The Perfect Strangers Project is all about giving someone you’ve never met a wonderful little gift. I first found out about it last year, but was too crazy busy with being a mum of a one year old to sign up for it. When I saw it this year, I was in! I really like the idea behind the project of giving without expectation. It was incredibly easy to sign up for and manage, you can leave a little message for your swap partner too. I loved the message which my swap partner left me- it made it really easy to make them up a little box, and it gave me some ideas for the kind of message I might leave next time, to really help out my swap partner. This was the message they left me: “My main aspiration in life is to one day live in a treehouse in a tropical jungle, where I can draw lots of pictures of elephants and maybe monkeys could bring me big bowls of fruit salad too.”

So this is the parcel I put together for my perfect stranger!

It includes:

an orangutan in a jungle notebook from Meiying

watermelon washi tape from PasoKuma

A kanzashi hair flower and brooch (in jungley colours) handmade by me

A treehouse mini card from Scout Editions

some palm frond punches from AbsolutelyForYou (so that opening the package would feel a little bit like going through a jungle!)

a fruit salad necklace handmade by me (yes I am quite proud of it!)

I really really loved putting together my box. I want to put together unique personalised boxes for people for a living, it was SO much fun! I am really pleased with what I put together for my swap partner and I hope they love it. I realised as I was packing it up that I didn’t manage to get elephants in there, damn!

Did you take part in Perfect Strangers this year? Have you taken part in it before? I would love to hear what you sent, or what you received as part of it!


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