Creative Kickstart with The Forest Mermaid

Every month I am featuring an image representing what has been inspiring me. Then later in the month I pick an image from the hashtag #creativekickstart (use it on Facebook Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr) which you guys have been joining in with, posting your own images of what motifs, materials and experiences have been inspiring you. Thank you to everybody who took part this month! Any posts made after today will be potentially up for inclusion in next months blog post which I will pick mid July. If you haven’t joined in yet, please do! I am finding it really interesting tracking how my inspirations are changing month by month, and reflecting on these inspirations every month seem to really feed into my creative process.

This months featured image on #creativekickstart is by one of my favourite bloggers, Polly, The Forest Mermaid. I love her unique style which is influenced by woodland themes, the mori girl look and underwater, mermaidy motifs. She is an avid crafter of outfits and jewelry which she uses to style herself in fantastical and magical ways.

This month she made this beautiful image, which features a miniature tea set, leaves and acorns (to represent inspiration from nature), watercolours, crystals and deer/deer antlers.

Creative Kickstart image by The Forest Mermaid, copyright Polly Noble
Creative Kickstart image by The Forest Mermaid, copyright Polly Noble

My favourite thing in the image is the miniature tea seat which reminds me of a book I read when I was little, and which I read to Etta now called ‘Sally’s Secret’ which is about a little girl who finds a secret garden under a bush and has a tea party there with her best friend. To me they are very evocative of the magic of childhood and of the magical worlds which children create. I feel that The Forest Mermaid is about bringing a glimpse of the fantastical worlds of our imagination into everyday life, through craft and fashion, so I guess this part of the image seems to epitomise Polly to me.

She says about her image “I went for a lot of walks in the woods in May so my photo reflects themes of nature. I saw deer tracks which brought deer back to the forefront of my mind as a motif, and I bought some plastic antlers to use in craft projects. I also started thinking about more fantasy-like themes, with miniature objects which could be used by fairies, and beautiful crystals.” . She has written a more in depth blog post exploring her inspirations and reflecting on the in more detail here.

Bloggers, if you are thinking of joining in with #creativekickstart writing a blog post about your image is a great way to do it, just remember to share the link to the blog post on Twitter with the #creativekickstart hashtag so I can find it. I am loving having the full story behind the image this month!

You can find The Forest Mermaid elsewhere on the web here:

The Forest Mermaid Blog

The Forest Mermaid on Twitter

The Forest Mermaid on Facebook

The Forest Mermaid on Tumblr

Check out the #creativekickstart hashtag on Instagram to see what others have been posting, and come and join in!


6 thoughts on “Creative Kickstart with The Forest Mermaid

    1. Yeah, I am finding it is really changing the way I create, and I love looking back on my old posts to see what was inspiring me a few months back too! Glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  1. Love the inspiration photo and also love the idea! I am building up some courage to take part in it. Unfortunately everything that has to do with photography is really challenging for me! :)) But hopefully i’ll get there soon enough.

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