Creative Kickstart – Looking back over May

So, #creativekickstart is my monthly challenge (to myself and you guys!) to post an image of all the things that have been keeping you creative, sparking your engine and fueling your inspiration this month.

This month I was surprised by how few things were in my image- and lets be honest the (majorly) competitive part of me felt a little bit bad! I am trying to convince the crazy part of my brain that ‘less is more-and that’s okay!’ right now.

So…in the photo are: bubbles, mics, pinwheels, floral collages, colouring pens.

Creative Kickstart May – Pinwheels, bubbles, pens, singing and flowers

Floral collages: If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably seen I have become extremely into  posting pictures of wildflowers. I am super into the idea of celebrating your extremely specific local flora and fauna – I feel that’s something that I’ve come to appreciate after getting into kimono dressing, which is all about choosing your outfit to chime with or celebrate the local flowers currently in bloom (or about to bloom). I am constantly surprised by the beauty and variety of the little wildflowers that I find growing on the verges near me, and also (the probably slightly less wild environment of) my back garden.  I am thinking of doing some more collagey type things with colourful paper, and also maybe trying to incorporate some handlettered inspirational words into my floral photos. Oh and I keep thinking it would be cool to turn the flower pictures into repeating patterns, maybe for some Spoonflower fabric, but I’ve got to get my head round doing that in Photoshop first!

Singing: I don’t actually usually use a mic when I do this, these are my karaoke mics and the mics are just meant to help represent singing in the image! This month I sang in the St Ann’s Wells Garden Festival with my choir, Howl. I am SO loving being a part of my choir, it is my favourite part of the week. I recently decided to move from the ‘middles’ to the ‘highs’ and I’m enjoying the extra challenge. One of my lifetime ambitions is to be able work out how to sing harmonies, and I feel like doing the high parts is really tuning my ear to being able to listen for what a harmony should sound like. I’ve also been singing to Etta as I put her to bed (or rather, wait for her to fall asleep), and not just children’s songs (though I am very partial to ‘Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins), but the songs that I love to sing. Some are probably not very suitable for children. I do wonder at what point she’ll stop thinking Henry Lee is a lovely soothing lullaby and whether I’ll have to stop singing it at that point. I’ve also been recording myself singing on Soundcloud and even persuaded Rob to record with me, over on his Soundcloud account. Partly so I can hear what I sound like and get used to the idea of making a recording or performance that I am happy with. Partly in the spirit of putting myself out there and trying not to let my beliefs about me not being a musical person stop me from doing and sharing something that I love. I still find that i am not really able to share the individual uploads of songs on Twitter or Facebook in the way that I would do with something visual that I had created. Maybe that is something to work on! 🙂

Pinwheels: Etta has a collection of about 4 or 5 different pinwheels. To me they represent pure fun. They have real no purpose, but there is something so joyful about watching the breeze spin them. After obsessing over a particular pinwheel of Etta’s for a while, and having some glitter fabric that I had to abandon some plans for, I had a sudden spark of inspiration and glittery pinwheels were born! I’m really pleased with the idea as I want Cuttlefishlove to be about joyfulness and enjoyment of small pleasures, and these somehow encapsulate that, AND have a sort of origami/Japanese link with the folding. These are going to become brooches, lapel pins, necklaces and earrings.

Holographic rainbow pinwheel of joy!
Holographic rainbow pinwheel of joy!

Bubbles: It’s perfect bubble blowing weather, and I was just sitting watching Squidlet play outside trying to catch bubbles, trying to be mindful and just enjoy the moment, and not stress about the other things I could or should be doing.  It got me thinking – she was loving it until she became obsessed with trying to catch one, and I think that is something that can be applied to life. I have a tendency to set myself a lot of incredibly ambitious goals. I really need something to aim towards, to feel a sense that I am getting somewhere. I think for me a sense of happiness comes from enjoying chasing down those goals, but not getting too hung up on whether I catch them or not. The goals are the bubbles in this slightly stretched metaphor, in case I went down a rather crazy and incomprehensible ramble there.

Colouring pens: I got these because I saw an ASMR video of someone drawing with them and I thought they looked really lovely to use! I’ve been having loads of fun drawing faces and silly sketches with them. I’ve also used them to help redesign my logo. I’d been struggling to do it in Photoshop, because my skills are so minimal its hard for me to achieve what I want. so I went back to basics and did some rough drafts by hand. I went a little overboard and filled seven pages of my sketchbook with designs! I was having fun!

rough logo sketch
rough logo sketch

I excited about my logo redesign, and have now got some roughs done in Photoshop too, based on my sketch. I’m not quite there yet but I can’t wait to finish it and share it with you guys. I have SO appreciated everyone’s feedback on Facebook and Instagram on which of my designs was best!

Which do you prefer?

I cannot wait to finish off these designs because I will feel super professional when I can get nice branded boxes and stickers and things like that! I find I need a tonne of time to really get into doing Photoshop stuff, so this month it will be a question of whether I can manage to find that time and get my logo completed.

What has been inspiring you this month? Snap a photo and share it using the hashtag #creativekickstart! I In a couple of weeks I will be searching the hashtag for people to feature and write a blog post about. Thank you to everyone else who has already joined in, I have loved seeing your images- they are all so different!


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