Brighton Etsy Tools and Work Habits

For those who don’t know already, I am part of the Brighton Etsy Team, which is a really active and involved team.  I highly recommend joining and coming along to their monthly meetings if you are based in Brighton (or nearby) and are thinking about opening or have just opened and Etsy shop.  One of the recent threads on our forum has been about doing another bloghop or monthly challenge where we all follow a theme to blog about. I had so much fun doing the recent ‘Introduce Yourself’ Bloghop that I am definitely joining in with this one – which is Brighton Etsy Tools and Work habits!

Show us a picture of your work station.

OH HAI! This is actually my workstation looking moderately tidy. Fear the truly messy days!
OH HAI! This is actually my workstation looking moderately tidy. Fear the truly messy days!

What are your favourite tools, and how do you use them?

Although I use lots of different tools to make my work, the thing I use most is just my hands. My hands are what fold the silk, arrange the petals into place and position the tiny pieces of origami (Okay, sometimes I use tweezers!). They connect me to the materials that I work with in a physical way. I also think I have an exceptionally cute pair of hands.

I’m not sure if choosing my hands is slightly cheating…if I wasn’t allowed to choose my hands I’d have to go for scissors because I love that satisfying  SNIP as you cut cleanly through silk.

Tools laying around neatly on a nice neat surface. I just found them like this, honest.

What time of day or night do you do your best creative work?

I actually do most of my work in the mornings whilst my mum looks after Etta, but I think my most creative time of day is around 11pm-1am. I don’t usually stay up that late anymore though  because with a two year old, you just grab all the sleep you can, when you can.

Do you prefer working in silence, with music or with something else as secondary entertainment?

I usually work in silence – I am easily distracted and often get overwhelmed by stimuli if I have music playing as well. But sometimes I sing while I work and Rob plays his guitar. I like those evenings.

Describe how you structure your work

I have two mornings a week where I have childcare, and I try and fit the majority of my work into that time. I collect flowers for Instagram photos and make my flower collages with Squidlet as she quite likes joining in, though sometimes this can be a bit stressful as she likes to have her hands on the background board at all times, including when I want to take a photo! Me and her also walk to the Post Office together to deliver orders, this is where we collect our wildflowers, though again sometimes this ends in all the flowers being squashed or thrown away by her! If she has a nap then I get a bonus hour or two to do work in, but that is not guaranteed at the moment. I get quite invested in her having naps because it adds like potentially an extra 10 hours a week for me to work in, but it is happening less and less recently. I am not sure how I will cope when she drops her nap completely! A bit of time to myself during the day is quite needed! I tend to do blogging, social media, making the main part of any flower-related orders and packing orders during the day and any finishing off of orders in the evening, sometimes accompanied by Rob and his guitar.

Other Brighton Etsy Team members who have joined this challenge are:

Victoria Sol

Let me know if you’ve joined in the challenge and I’ll add you to the list!


7 thoughts on “Brighton Etsy Tools and Work Habits

  1. That group sounds like so much fun. I work in silence too, or rather, I start with something in the background and then it finishes and I don’t realise until a long time later because I am so absorbed in what I’m doing ^_^

  2. It’s really cool that your little squidlet can be as involved as she is with your work. I bet collecting wildflowers while walking to the post office is something she’ll remember about her childhood.

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