Tarot reading with Emma from Harper and Finch

Recently I was reminded how much I love doing Tarot card readings. I started toying with the idea of doing a regular tarot reading feature on my blog, as a way to get more in practice. Very serendipitously (that IS a word, okay) I saw Emma from Harper and Finch post on her blog that she would like a reading, so I decided this was the universe giving me an opportunity! I messaged her to see if she would like one and she was up for it! I was really thrilled as I am a big fan of her blog and got the feeling from reading it that she was a like-minded individual.

We sneaked in a little tarot card reading at the end of the Brighton Etsy meet up, which I was attending to give advice to newer Etsy sellers. It was quite hard thinking of advice to give Emma for her Etsy shop , as it is so gorgeous looking already, but hopefully I gave her some useful advice on tags, titles and descriptions. I am thinking about doing a post explaining the nitty gritty of how to get found on Etsy using your tags titles and descriptions well, and maybe even putting some listings in my shop where I help people rework a certain listing, or selection of listings to improve their tags, titles and descriptions. Do you think this is a good idea?

So, onto the tarot card reading! I use Osho Zen tarot cards, which are non-standard tarot cards but ones which whenever I’ve been given readings in the past have pretty much always been the ones used and I feel I’ve always had good readings with them that seem to get to the heart of the matter. Not sure if I’m really into Osho as it seems a bit culty, but I like the cards!

My feeling about my readings is that they are less about telling you what is going to happen in the future and more about drawing out your feelings and thoughts about particular things in your life at the moment and using the cards to clarify where you are at now and where you could go in the future.

I’ve been doing readings for family and friends since about 2010, and before that since about 2001 I also used to do i-ching readings – again just for family and friends, I’ve never charged for readings. I still use the book a bit to guide me as I don’t do readings very frequently – one reason why I don’t yet try to do it professionally.

I originally wrote the reading out in the third person, but in the end I changed it to be in the second person, so directed at ‘you’. This is because it felt more natural to be addressing someone directly while writing it, and I hope that maybe some of what comes out in the reading is relevant to to you too.

Together we chose a Celtic Cross layout, and this was what the layout looked like, when all the cards had been turned.

Celtic cross layout
Celtic cross layout

The question put to the cards was:  ‘Am I doing the right thing by pursuing my Etsy shop and blog right now’.

In position 1 (The issue), is the card ‘We are the World’, which is the 10 of Rainbows ( or Pentacles in a traditional deck).  The suit of Rainbows represents the magical in the mundane and earthly, and in a traditional deck would be related to earning money. It is a card of community, communication, connection and collaboration.  It is also about sharing your inner riches with the world. This card is really relevant to the question and suggests that the heart of the issue is how to find this sense of community and connection through your work and blog. We talked about how one of the reasons you decided to start your own Etsy shop was this sense of wanting to share something of yourself, particularly the sense of how embroidery connects you  with other creative women in your family.  Perhaps in this context this card is reminding you that this sense of purpose can inform where you take your work. In sharing your family’s creative legacy, you can find common ground with your readers and really feel a sense that you are sharing your inner treasures with the world.

In position 2 (Obscuring or clarifying the issue) is the card ‘Thunderbolt’. This is a Major Arcana card, relating to The Tower in a traditional deck. Thunderbolt represents a total breakdown of everything familiar, or of ones home or place of safety being swept away. Although this sounds quite negative, in many ways Thunderbolt is  a positive card in a reading because it implies that you have the chance to rebuild your life from scratch, on your own terms. You felt this card might relate to when you were made redundant from a job in a bridal shop. This meant that you were able to start up your Etsy shop and blog, and work in a bar to supplement your income. This seems to obscure the issue in some ways, by making you wonder if you should be taking a more traditional employment route, and in other ways clarify the issue because it has opened the way for a more creatively fulfilling career.

In position 3 (The unconscious influences) is the card ‘Maturity’. This is the Ace of Rainbows. The card represents someone who has come into themselves, and is in a state of ‘spiritual spring’ –  able to remain unaffected by negative influences around them. The imagery of flowers seems to really relate to your desire to celebrate nature and let it inspire you. It suggests that you are totally ready to be at your most creative, and have built a solid foundation with your blog. In this position, it seems to say that perhaps you haven’t yet acknowledged your own achievements in building such a solid foundation and that although your internal readiness to shine and be ‘springlike’ is seeping through in everything that you do, you haven’t consciously recognised it yet.

In position 4 (The conscious influences) is ‘Past Lives’. This is a major Arcana Card and relates to The Moon in a traditional deck. This card represents visions of the ways our life could have gone if we’d made different choices. It tells us that by identifying patterns that we repeat throughout our life, rather than getting distracted by watching these past lives and wondering what might have been, we can move on to better things. In it’s traditional incarnation as The Moon, it tells us that we are having difficulty seeing the right path and trusting our inner compass, often because past experiences causing us fear and anxiety about the present. This ties in with your question which almost carries within it a tone of uncertainty about what you are doing. What is interesting is that in every other way you are clearly so totally into what you are doing right now, but there is this slight element of not being able to quite work out what your inner voice is saying when it comes to this matter. The message from this card is to tune into your inner voice, and free yourself from repeating mistakes again and again. When I saw this card come up, I hoped that some of the other cards would start to bring out what was behind this uncertainty.

In position 5 (The old way, old ways of being) is ‘The Outsider’. This is the 5 of Rainbows (Rainbows were becoming a bit of a theme in this reading!) and relates to that feeling of being on the outside, looking in, feeling unable to experience the magic that the in-group are feeling. The key to this card lies in the imagery. If you look closely at the child looking through the locked gate, you can see that the gate is not actually locked at all. In this position it describes a time in the past, perhaps when you were in your old job, feeling like you would like to do something more creative and more ‘you’ but not knowing how to step into that world. Because of it’s position, it shows that you have gone through the process of realising that the only barriers to choosing a creative career are in your head, and have stepped through the gate, no longer an ‘outsider’ to that world.

In position 6 (The new way, moving into the new) is ‘Experiencing’. This is the 3 of Fire (Wands in a traditional deck), which is all about masculine energy, work and action. This is one of my favourite cards in the whole deck! This really confirms that your future path involves using your love of nature to inform whatever you do in terms of work. This is the strongest possible ‘YES!’ to the question posed at the beginning of the reading

If you’ve seen Emma’s work you’ll know she is all about experiencing and celebrating the natural world.

In position 7 (The self) is ‘Guilt’. This is the 8 of Clouds (Swords in a traditional deck). The suit of Clouds is all about the unhelpful whirrings of the mind and this specific card tells us that right now guilt is stopping us from seeing the good stuff around us. I thought this was an interesting card to see in this position, as you don’t seem particularly guilt-ridden, but it was this card that drew out more of your feelings on wondering if you should have stuck to a full time job. It emerged that you do have a sense of guilt related to your career choices. There was a sense that freelancing was something you felt self indulgent about. Despite your parents’ incredible support for your alternative career path, there were feelings of guilt about not choosing something more stable, because you want to do your best for them. Both your feeling about this, and the message from the cards is that this is a perception of your busy mind, rather than a reality. Whilst I don’t think this is an overriding feeling for you, it does help to explain why you framed this question for the tarot.

In position 8 (What you are attracting from the outside) is ‘Possibilities’, the 2 of Fire. This card is telling you that this is an exciting time – you are not weighed down by huge responsibilities and the freedom that your current working life gives you means that you can be open to the possibilities that come your way. It is saying that this is the quality to appreciate right now, and that it is a direct result of the choices you have made.

In position 9 (Your desires and denials) is ‘Abundance’, The King of Rainbows. This card represents a poet or artist who is abundant because he remains in the present, lives life to the fullest, enjoying life’s pleasures, appreciates nature and loves the arts. As a Rainbow, he finds magic in the ordinary. This was an interesting card! The royal suits can sometimes relate top specific people in your life, and as soon as it was drawn I wondered if it was your partner, because you had previously mentioned that he is a musician and very supportive of your choice to take casual work to support your dream to make blogging and an Etsy shop your priority. (Almost as soon as I drew the card and mentioned that it might represent someone, Emma was like ‘It’s my man! It looks exactly like him!’ She even showed me a photo and the resemblance was uncanny!) In this position I feel like it is saying that this person is your touchstone, a kindred spirit (seeing as where you’re at is very ‘Rainbow’ at the moment, given all the cards from that suit in the reading.) who helps remind you that the reasons you have chosen this path are experiential, not financial.

In position 10 (The outcome or key) is ‘Receptivity’, The Queen of Water (cups in a traditional deck). Water is the suit of the emotions and feminine energy. This card depicts someone free of cares, who receives and gives easily, with compassion and gratitude. This is a lovely card to end the reading on, as it suggests that you can reach your full potential and ‘find your flow’ by remaining receptive. You can achieve this state of realised potential by remembering that you are ready, even if you don’t always quite feel like you are (Maturity, card 3), by gently accepting and letting go of feelings of being the outsider, of what might have been had you taken a different path, and of guilt related to other people’s expectations of you. You can use the support of your partner to help you stay in touch with your love of nature, your desire to experience the world in the present moment and your ability to find magic in the mundane. Stay open to the possibilities that are offered by your unique work-life balance and remember that the reasons you want this kind of life are to find community and connection with others, to have time to experience and appreciate the world around you and let that feed into your work. Let your ability to do those things, to experience an abundance of the soul, as opposed wealth or traditional notions of success, be your guide as to whether you are on the right path.  Exciting possibilities are coming your way, and it sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to be receive them!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post. I am wondering whether to do more tarot readings as a bit of a regular feature. Let me know if you would like a reading, especially if you are local to Brighton as I love doing them in-person!


11 thoughts on “Tarot reading with Emma from Harper and Finch

  1. Hello again! Sorry, if I’m seeming a bit spammy. I just found your blog a few days ago and really enjoy reading it. I use to do Tarot in my teens but lost my beautiful traditional Tarot deck and never got a new one. I like to have a Tarot reading at least once a year to help me decide where my life is going and how to face that directly. I’ve been isolated this year so I haven’t had a chance to find a Tarot reader.

    1. AW I don’t think people making thoughtful comments on my blog is spammy, don’t worry! I am really excited that you are enjoying reading it. I’m especially pleased that you like my tarot post, because its another of those things that is very me, but I worry is a bit out there and that people will be put off because of it! I think you have to really find a deck that you connect with to get a good reading! Was your deck a Rider-Waite deck, or something else? I am really looking for another interesting deck to pique my interest at the moment.

  2. hi Emily
    Thank you for a very interesting read. Love it. Keep
    Them coming. My friend and I sometimes do an Osho tarot, it’s always enlightening. I’m keen to have one if you are.

  3. Oooh, I love a tarot reading, I’ve had a few and they’ve always been so accurate!
    I’m in Brighton so maybe we could do one at some point 🙂

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    p.s Thanks for linking your post up to the #LifestyleLinkup! Hopefully see you back there next week!

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