Creative Kickstarts from Designosaur and Laura Danby

This month I really really couldn’t decide between a couple of my favourite #creativekickstart images. I’ve decided to include them both:

The first is Laura Danby’s fox inspired photocollage. Laura says “For me last month was all about foxes… I created a new fox jewellery piece, loved spying on the neighbourhood foxes, was colouring them in and just generally a bit obsessed!” There are loads of very bold foxes round our way too, and I love seeing them especially at night!


The other image that I just HAD to include was Designosaur’s flatlay objects collage – It’s bold, bright and zingy, just like Karli, and gives a really great alternative way to photograph your creative kickstart image. It inspired me to do my last image a little bit differently and I realised that the reason I hadn’t suggested doing a styled shot in the first place was because I was a bit scared of doing them myself! This image speaks for itself, everything about it is totally visual. As Karli says, it’s about ‘Colours, Lomo, texture and pattern!’. I can’t wait to see the designs Karli and Jacques create with that textured perspex!

designosaur's #creativeckickstart

Thanks to everyone who joined in with the challenge and created images for #creativekickstart this month. Join in again this month and document the things that have been inspiring you creatively in a single image. I’ll be picking images to share around the middle of next month. If you want to nominate someone to join in then why not tag them and ask them to get involved?


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