Creative Kickstart – Looking back over April

It’s time to do my own Creative Kickstart image for this month! Thanks to everyone whose been joining in and using the hashtag #creativekickstart across various social media channels! I am loving your images. If you want to join in, just make a photo collage, or styled objects photo of all the things that have been inspiring you creatively over the past few weeks and tag it #creativekickstart. Mid-month I’ll be looking through the images you’ve posted and choosing my favourite to feature on my blog, Instagram and other social media outlets. This time I’ve tried out a physical styled objects shot as opposed to a photo collage, because I feel this is a bit of a weakness of mine and I’m trying to push myself to try things I’m not totally comfortable with!

So here’s whats been inspiring me and feeding my creative processes over the last month:

Creative Kickstart - looking back over April
Creative Kickstart – looking back over April

Mermaid tail fabrics and mermaid leggings: This month freediving continue to be a big love of mine. I bought some mermaid scale leggings and some fabric to cover my monofin with so it looks more tail-like. Stacie from Brighton Sewing Bee helped me cut a pattern for this. Thank you Stacie!! I also did a freediving foundation course up in London with NoTanx. It was a big deal for me getting up to London after my back pain flared up, but I made it there! I did a couple of hours of freediving, an hour or so of yoga, all with lots of amazing breathing, mindfulness and relaxation exercises (as well as some theory stuff) interspersing this and my back was just about still okay by the end of the day. This is hugely reassuring to me that I can still remain active and pursue my new-found love of freediving. I had a bit of a confidence wobble when the back pain returned, but my swift recovery has made me feel like I now have the skills to manage pain flare ups when and if they resurface. It is very much helped by the focus on non-competitiveness and mindfulness within NoTanx. Their philosophy is ‘Enjoyment over performance’, which is something I am trying to feed in to the way I approach creating and working at my little Etsy shop.

Pondlife: As a child I spent a lot of time leaning over the pond in my garden, watching the creatures, catching newts and frogs and generally being fascinated with the teeming life before my eyes. I’m not sure if this little thread of interest will feed into something creative, but this backyard underwater world is definitely capturing my interest every time I step into the garden.

Wildflowers, bluebells and dandelion clocks: I’m surrounded by wildflowers in our garden and nearby countryside. My particular seasonal favourites are bluebells because of the magic of the annual bluebell woodland walk, and dandelion clocks. Partly because Etta is so captivated by them, and we have to pick many hundreds on every walk we go on and watch as she disperses the seeds. Partly because I love something about the symbolism of all these little wishes from one dandelion floating off to make their way in the world. I’ve loved experimenting with some wildflower photography this month and feel that it is helping me get to grips with the idea of styling images.

Tarot: I did a lovely tarot card reading for Emma of Harper and Finch fame this month! I’m excited about this because I have been wanting to do more readings, particularly for people I don’t know well, to see if I am still good at it even when I don’t know much about the person or their situation. I am going to do a whole blog post about the reading, and maybe even make doing readings for people a regular feature on the blog. We shall see! The card pictured are some of my favourite ones from my deck: ‘Ordinariness’, ‘Flowering’ and ‘Experiencing’. I think they are great ones for me to keep in mind at the moment as I try to grow my business in a way that supports the life I want to have.

Cherry Blossoms: (here pictured in their pickled form!) I obviously could not get through April without being inspired by the cherry blossoms. My love of cherry blossoms is what drew me to kimono, and my interest in the symbolism of different seasonal motifs in Japanese culture. Every year my parents specially invite me round at the point when the flowering cherry tree in their garden is in full bloom, because they know how much I love the blooms (and especially being showered with petals). This year I collected some more blossoms for pickling, ate some of my salted sakura from 2012 mixed into vanilla ice cream and made sakura syrup from the pickled blossoms. My idea is to make my own icecream, flavoured with the syrup, also with pickled blossoms mixed into it. I should probably have tried to put Masterchef into my collage because I am a (not-so) secret Masterchef wannabe. If I ever do get on it I will have to make a sakura ice cream. I am going to do a post on making the syrup and icecream in the next couple of weeks. I already have a post about how to pickle cherry blossoms if you are interested in doing it yourself – GO! Do it now while there are still flowers out!

So that’s it folks! What do you think of the styled shoot, rather than a photo collage last last month’s post? have you got inspired to make your own image documenting what’s feeding your creative furnace this month? I would love to hear more about what inspires you all, so tell me about your influences this month in the comment and join in with the hashtag!


12 thoughts on “Creative Kickstart – Looking back over April

  1. Aw, I love the shot. It definitely doesn’t look like it’s a weakness of yours!
    I love this idea too, I might have to join in myself if I can find the time this month! 🙂

  2. I too love wildflowers! I’ve always thought it would be lovely to have a whole backyard garden of them. Doing the tarot readings sound like fun! I look forward to reading that post whenever you write it. 🙂 I hope you’re having a lovely week.


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