Calm and Bright – Etsy Japan Team Treasury

I haven’t done a treasury feature on my blog for a while, so thought I’d do one showcasing the Etsy Japan team, which I am a part of. The team ran a treasury game and we each made a treasury featuring items from the other shops who entered. There were two guest spots as part of the game, so I have given those to Brighton sellers with a Japanese influence.

The treasury is inspired by two sides of Japanese design, both of which I love. On the one had, Japan is known for simplicity and purity of design, and on the other for cutely colourful florals. I think of the two different styles as reflecting youth (colouful and crazy!) and maturity (elegant and simple). I am definitely a wearer of colourful crazy in my own wardrobe! Which style is more you?

Clicking on the image should take you through to the actual treasury where you can click on each individual item.

japan team treasury game may- calm and bright


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