A #creativekickstart from Katrien from SweetiePips

You may have seen my post recently about my #creativekickstart challenge where I’m asking you all to join in with me and post an image on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram every month, celebrating your creative achievements and documenting what has been getting you going over the past month. Here is my first post featuring someone elses #creativekickstart! Kat from Sweetiepips is a fellow Brighton Etsy teammate, whose work I only came across a few weeks ago, when making a Brighton Etsy Team Spring themed treasury. I love her eclectic jewelry and of course the #creativekickstart image she made to document what she’d done creatively or what inspired her creatively over March. I’m also really excited to meet a fellow Brighton Etsy person who is juggling making and running their business with parenting.

Kat says about her image: “The moon pendants featured in the montage are now listed having been inspired by both the Solar eclipse last month and the awakening of a very sunny spring.  Like a lot of people I feel more carefree and bohemian when the sun appears each year. It seems to enliven my creative spirit in abundance and I just want to become a complete gypsy, sleep outside, create unique bits and pieces and walk around barefoot (however, I have a son who has a lot of lego……need I say anymore!)”

I am totally with Kat on letting the natural world and all it’s subtle changes and unexpected surprises feed into what we make and do. Moving into Spring it feels like the whole world is awakening, and we’ve all emerged from being stuck indoors during the rain and cold, to living in the garden, marveling at all the plants and creatures bursting forth. The change in season is making me want to take Squidlet on a little camping trip, maybe to somewhere like Wowo campsite, where she can play in streams and forests and fields all day.

In a week or so, I’m going to be looking back over April, and I’ve already got some ideas of what I’m going to be sharing with you.  I’d love to feature another image from one of you guys mid-month, so remember to tag your image with the #creativekickstart hashtag and get involved because I am really excited to hear what you’ve been up to and how it’s fed into what you make!


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