Cherry Blossom Houmongi, Peony Obi

In this outfit:

Synthetic purple cherry blossom houmongi

Green maple and peony obi

Mustard yellow and brown obiage

Deep Blue Obijime

Yellow and pink rose paper fan

White tabi socks

Nude patent flats

Vintage kimono hairbow by Ribbonreal

Another quick-grabbed kitsuke in between Etta’s feeds! This time I planned the outfit a bit better, but it was still a rush getting in and out of it without causing screaming from the baby!

Cherry blossoms are only just blooming here despite it being mid-late May, so decided I could still get away with wearing the motif even though officially cherry blossom season is over.

I bought this obi last year, and have been itching for peony season to arrive so I could wear it. It is really nice and long, which is definitely needed now I have a post-pregnancy tummy. I still have problems with my obi being too loose- I wonder if I need to use obi clips to keep it in place while tying it to prevent that?

Doing kitsuke post-pregnancy has made me wonder about how to breastfeed in kimono. I looked in the Immortal Geisha forum discussions and apparently it is done via the gap in the sleeve at the armpit, so from the outer edge of the kimono. I am uncoordinated and clumsy at the best of times, so not sure if I dare attempt it!


4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Houmongi, Peony Obi

  1. It’s very pretty! ^^ My only suggestion is to tuck the kimono correctly, it looks like it’s tucked far too high, we shouldn’t be able to see your ankles, you know? I love all the colors together, the green reminds me of the leaves and the brown reminds me of the trunk of the cherry blossom tree ^^

    1. Thank you! I know that the correct length is really meant to be ankle length but I quite often see girls tying it higher either when worn with western style shoes or for practical purposes – I.e. if out walking in the countryside. I think it is a less elegant way of wearing it but more practical. Have you seen it worn that way and what do you think about it?

      1. Well, I’ve only seen them doing it on here, and I personally don’t like it. It looks like a person wearing western style pants that are a couple sizes too short, you know? I know that sometimes a person will lift up their kimono with their hands to protect it from a puddle, or whatever reason, but then the juban is covering their ankles. A kimono, especially one like a Huomongi, isn’t meant to be worn during a walk in the countryside, it’s very formal and meant for visiting others and during parties. It would be like wearing a formal dress for a walk in the woods, you know and hiking it up for that purpose would be like wearing boots with that formal dress XD A kimono that would more likely be hiked up for a walk like that would be a yukata since it’s meant for summer activities and onsens anyway ^^

      2. Do you mean on WordPress, by ‘on here’?

        I see what you mean about perhaps it being inappropriate to hike a houmongi up – I’m still relatively new to kimono wearing and this is a good point that I hadn’t really considered properly when putting together this outfit. I think on reflection that most hiked up ensembles I’ve seen have been done with komon.

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