Vintage Fairs and Open Houses

At Betty and Friend's open house
At Betty and Friend’s open house

We’ve been to about four private views now with Etta, for the Brighton Artists Open Houses in the Brighton Festival, which runs all through May. I love this part of the festival and its a great opportunity to catch up with all my arty, crafty friends and see some really exciting art and craft too. Sadly I took zero photos of art at the events as was so busy passing Etta round to everybody and trying not to get squished by the crowds of people! It was slightly overwhelming taking a baby to the private views! Betty and Friend’s Open House is at 20a Springfield Road. I also recommend going to see 45 Preston Drove, Hummingbird Studio, 3 Surrenden Road, The Cake House, The Pink Bird House and Polish and Pin if you get a chance!

I also went to Pop-Up Vintage with her and went mad at Ribbonreal’s stall where I bought all the things in the world (and still wanted more).
Here is my haul:

My haul!
My haul!

The ball has a bell inside and is from Big Tree Little Moose Etta is loving playing with it!

Can’t wait to go to one of these events again as it was really buzzing, and had a great mix of both vintage and ‘made with vintage’ handmade! I am thinking about expanding my vintage kimono range (not yet available online, but soon to be launched!) and applying.

What exciting events have you been to this month?


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