Kimono wearing with baby Etta Maud

So I realise I haven’t posted since I was 20 weeks pregnant, which is a long time ago now! Lets just say that although it is definitely possible to wear kimono comfortably while pregnant, it is probably easier if you are better than putting it on than me, and have a smaller frame to fit your kimono round in the first place!

After 20 weeks not many of my kimono fit me, and probably none of my obi!

So the big news is that on 13th March I had a little baby girl called Etta Maud! As you can imagine I haven’t had much time since then to wear kimono, but I have managed it once! It was a very hurried affair, and I don’t think I chose my ensemble very well- it was grabbed in between cluster feeds when she was 4 weeks old – she is now 7 wees so it has already taken me 3 weeks just to put the pictures up!

I almost feel that the less said about my kitsuke the better – it was very saggy, the obi fell down just before we took the photos, but I’m trying to think of it more as proof of concept, that I can dress in kimono even with a new baby! 😀

I was really pleased to get a chance to put on my new obi, which was a recent purchase from Japan Crafts 

Hopefully I will be able to wear kimono a little more now that I am not quite so enormous! Since my last post we have also moved house,  – the pictures are taken in our new garden! I am hoping the new garden will provide a great backdrop to my kimono shots!

Ok now I have to gratuitously share a picture of Etta who is the biggest cutie ever!!

Etta at 2 days and 39 days by Rob Watkins
Etta at 2 days and 39 days by Rob Watkins

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