20 weeks pregnant out-of-season kitsuke

So here I’m wearing:

Synthetic fuschia pink sakura houmongi
Cream and grey geometric tsuke-obi
Pale blue shibori obiage
Powder blue obijime
Coral haori (not worn in all photos) with sakura and ume on paper strips motif.

I was quite pleased with the neatness of my outfit when I first put it on- and cunningly took the photos straight away rather than waiting til the end of the day when I was much more disheveled. The slipperiness of the synthetic houmongi meant that something came a little awry during the day and I had to keep reaching down under my obi to try and tuck the right hand side of my kimono back up again!

I didn’t manage to be very seasonally appropriate this time, in part because there are much fewer kimono in my collection that I’m able to wear with my wider girth. I’ve noticed that autumn motifs are an area that my kimono collection is seriously lacking for some reason! i find this quite strange as I really love autumn but I seem to have gone for a lot of spring and winter motifs recently, and have just made a huge effort to get some summer fabrics into my collection.

The coral haori is bought from Naomi no Kimono Asobi’s Etsy shop and is one of my current favourite things, but I haven’t really had the chance to wear it as it’s a winter/spring piece (I think!) and is lined. I was really only able to wear it for the photos today as the weather was very warm for early November!

I’m really having fun trying to wear kimono while pregnant, though I am trying to be careful to take short cuts like using tsuke obi so that it doesn’t become stressful or a chore!


6 thoughts on “20 weeks pregnant out-of-season kitsuke

  1. You look beautiful! I really love the color of your kimono and goes perfectly with the haori.
    Which reminds me I’d love to have one! Gonna have a look at the Etsy shop 🙂

  2. I love the combination of the colours!
    I only can imagine how difficult it must be wearing kimono while pregnant, but I think you did a very nice job ❤ The only thing looking "untidy" is the wind messing with your hair XD I would say try to pin your bangs on the side, like on the second picture. ;3 (it's also my favorite)
    And an idea about the inner okumi slipping down: You could try to link it to your juban with a korin belt.

    Also some more ideas (I'll so try them out someday.. <3):
    You could tie the obi in a cross-shape (if the body-part is long enough to tie it twice..) so there's more grip on the sides of the kimono, keeping it more from slipping (perhaps..).
    I also think it could be nice to use a shigoki-obi or kakae-obi. So the obi seemes longer or to put it under the belly (if that works and doesn't look out of place or feels weird..) to keep everything from flapping open, also without holding it.

    I think pregnancy kitsuke is very interesting and beautiful and I hope you can make some more before the big big day ❤

    And did I mention I love the colour of your han eri? *_*

    1. Yay, I love working out the colour combinations the best!

      My hair is always SO unruly (odd for straight hair!) hehe!

      I love your korin belt tip! I have one that I no longer use for my collars that I can press into service!

      I think crossing the obi band would look really nice, as it will give a wider look to the belt, especially with this obi which has quite a narrow band. I prefer the proportions of a wider obi. I am not 100% sure if I have many obi that will go twice round though, especially now I am a bit bigger, but maybe I could try using a fukuro obi to tie nagoya musubi and see how that worked.

      I am scared of trying the ‘under-belly obi’ look because I don’t know how I’d keep the collars closed by maybe I’ll try extending the obi by wearing shigoki obi underneath (or I will probably cheat and use an obiage as I don’t have any shigoki in my collection at present!)

      I’m hoping to do a few more pregnancy kitsuke in December at least!

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