September Pregnancy Kitsuke!

So I’m not sure if I have announced it on here or not yet, but I am pregnant and expecting a baby in March 2013!

This has added some slight challenges when it comes to wearing kimono!

I think these photos were taken when I was around 15 weeks pregnant – I’m already showing quite a lot!

I was surprised that wearing kimono while pregnant wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated, the main problem being that my collars turned out awfully, and that it was hard to avoid overheating, particularly while actually getting dressed (our little flat is always hot as a furnace even in winter). The heat issues are why I am wearing a yukata dressed ‘up’ as a komon, but with no juban underneath! I have been looking at some blogs by Japanese ladies who wore kimono when pregnant, and there definitely seems to be a relaxing of the rules during pregnancy!

Because the obi ties above my bump, I had surprisingly little trouble tying the taiko knot. This is in part because I have discovered a great new padding tool!!! My husband has several padded velcro fastening slings from multiple shoulder dislocations in the past, and I came across one while tidying up, (I had no idea what it was as it doesn’t look all that much like a sling when undone) but my brain instantly flashed up ‘PERFECT KIMONO PADDING MATERIAL’ when I saw it!

Michelle from ‘Yield for Kimono’ may recognise the obi as it is from a bundle of damaged pieces I bought from her – again here I am just wearing it damage and all, and I don’t think it shows much in the pictures!

I really wish I knew why my collars were so dire in this ensemble (I am sneakily hiding the awfulness in most shots!) – It may be because per-pregnancy I relied on a very firm binding and a tightly tied koshi himo round my boobs, which I was not keen to do while pregnant.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this ensemble and any tips on my collar issues would be much appreciated!


7 thoughts on “September Pregnancy Kitsuke!

    1. AW thank you so much! I put on tonnes of weight in the first trimester and between 12 and 15 weeks suddenly got a huge baby bump, but it hasn’t grown much since then! Am now about 19 weeks!

      1. Doing Craftaganza and Fairytale fair. We havent done a Makers boutique yet. We went live on Not On The High Street website today and have our first French stockist in the posh bit of Lyon so feeling things are going in the right direction. Take care.

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