Summer Kitsuke Round-up!

I’ve suddenly realised I have a whole tonne of kitsuke photos from the summer which I still haven’t uploaded. A lot of them are the kimonos I wore to craft fairs which means they are often worn a bit sloppily as I have very limited time to put them on in the morning!

Yukata as Komon

This obi is from Michelle at ‘Yield for Kimono’ – I bought a bundle of stained and damaged obi from her a while back.

I kind of just decided to wear this one even with the staining. Its so striking, I love it!

The yukata is from Angelline kimono, I’m wearing it with full accessories and a juban as if it were a komon. THis is proving one of my favourite ways of wearing yukata!

I think this outfit would have looked better with a plain coloured han eri. I am a bit lazy about removing and resewing in different han eri!

Japan Matsuri outfit – June 2012

I actually wore 4 different outfits over the whole matsuri/Anime festival but didn’t manage to take a single photo of my own of any of them. What an idiot!

This photo was sent in by a customer- thank you!!

I’m wearing a 1930’s Meisen piece that I got from Angelline Kimono’s stall the day before, with a a yellow hanhaba and my new purple ame (rain) coat. SO USEFUL as there was on and off rain all day that day and I really didn’t want to get my new kimono wet!

Winning Kitsuke

Cuttlefish Love Kanzashi, Brighton Japan Festival 2012 by Ali_Haikugirl

The shot of me wearing an outfit that won the kimono wearing competition!!! It is taken by Ali Muskett aka Haikugirl. You can also view it on her Flickr photostream here: and here on her blog (which will definitely be of interest to you if you like my blog!):
In the winning outfit I am wearing a hitoe kimono in a material that I don’t know the name of – it is a very stiff, crinkly crepe. Also a Tsuke obi, a lavender shibori obiage, vermillion obijime and I also free-styled slightly with a mustard yellow obiage tied around the bottom of the obi, shigoki style! Unseen in the photo are my deep turquoise tights and casual zori with red velvet hanao!

Iromuji with haori for Craftaganza

This is one of my favourite colour combinations I’ve ever worn. The obi is fairly new and is one of my absolute most treasured! I think this was the first time I’d worn it.

Something went insanely wrong with my padding (I think I padded too much and too unevenly). Couple this with the fact that my obi was extremely short and the whole ensemble was looking pretty horrendous by the end of the day. I have a feeling that the reason I am wearing the haori in all photos is because the taiko knot was so bad!

I think I must have taken these shots at the end of the day because I’m wearing an obidome (actually a brooch) I bought whilst at Craftaganza ( a craft fair I was selling at). It is made by my talented friend Betty Shek and is felt and embroidery in Japanese inspired patterns.

All ro ensemble

I was determined to combine all my ro pieces together in one outfit (I pretty much only have one outfit’s worth!) for a particularly hot summers day selling my wares!

I can’t remember if I’d decided to wear the tare poking out to one side of my obi on purpose or if it was an accident!!


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