Late May Days In the Garden in Kimono

Ok, you can tell this was over 2 weeks ago, because the weather was still gorgeous!

I spent the day invigilating at my Open House -Hummingbird Studio, then headed to my parents house for dinner. They have the best garden in the whole world, and whenever people say ‘imagine a beautiful safe place’ when you’re doing relaxation exercises, this is the place I bring to mind.

I was feeling very iki (chic) as I was dressed slightly ahead of season in anticipation of June, with my motifs of butterflies!

I think we went a bit overboard with the photos but it was just such beautiful light!

I basically dressed for a combination of the heat (hence my ro komon) and convenience (hence the tsuke obi). The whole ensemble will probably feel very familiar to Laura from Birdsong Kimono as I bought the whole ensemble from her on ebay! Love it!

I’m wearing:

Pale green synthetic ro komon with red butterflies motif

Aqua and red easy obi with a water((? or maybe clouds?) motif

Pink shibori obiage

violet obijime

Although in the photos I am barefoot, as I like the feel of grass underfoot, I was actually wearing tabi and some rather over-formal silver and gold zori. I need to get some more casual zori!

This was my first time wearing a ro ensemble (it has a matching juban), and I was so surprised at how cooling it was! Do you have a ro kimono?


5 thoughts on “Late May Days In the Garden in Kimono

  1. I haven’t been on WordPress for aaages (hence why I’m about 2 months late in commenting!) but just had to stop by and comment when I saw your post. You look wonderful and it’s so good to see the items being worn and enjoyed! 😀 I’d never considered putting them together but they look great and I love your red kanzashi too, it ties the little bits of red in the obi & kimono together nicely 🙂

    1. Sorry, I must have missed your comment earlier!

      Aw I’m glad you like the outfit – I think I had assumed they were things you got to wear together because of the red that ties them together!

      I won’t be able to wear the ro komon until next year now that the weather has turned, but as I’m now pregnant the tsuke obi is going to be a staple I should think!

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