St Ann’s Well Garden Festival Kitsuke

The weather took a turn for the slightly warmer (this was juuust before the heatwave took off) so I wore my thin brown komon, a hakata obi and accessories to the St Ann’s Well Garden Festival. It was very handily right next door to my home!

I’m almost too embarrassed to post photos of my musubi on here, it was that dire. You would never be able to tell but I think it was actually meant to be a tsunodashi. *blush* The obi is a slightly odd one, its a weird width, between hanhaba and nagoya. Lyuba-chan has suggested that it might be a child’s obi, which I think fits in with the length issues I was having and I why I was only able to create a malformed lump, rather than a passable tsunodashi.


2 thoughts on “St Ann’s Well Garden Festival Kitsuke

    1. Oh god! I actually felt quite distressed by the crowds and I wasn’t even upset to begin with- that doesn’t sound like a good experience!

      Hope you found a nice quiet and calm place to chill out. I am not really a crowds person!

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