Brighton Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers Now Open!!

The Brighton Mini Maker Faire is back for the second year in a row. And this year it’s going to be even bigger and better than before! Are you thinking of applying to be a maker there? Read on…..

I did the Mini Maker Faire last year, teaching a kanzashi making workshop.If you don’t know what kanzashi are, you see the ones that I make and sell in my online shop here:

The event was incredible fun, though extremely exhausting! Possibly wearing a kimono for the event (I collect them) was an unwise choice too as it was extremely hot! I have never manned such a busy stall, talked to so many people or got so much positive feedback about what I was doing. At one point the craft area was so full of people that I couldn’t get all the way around my table to help people sitting on the other side! This year the organisers have massively expanded the space it will be held in so that it will use, not only the Dome Foyer (as before,) but the Corn Exchange as well.

Me chatting away, mid-tutorial! Photo by Rob Watkins

Meeting so many nice people, who were so enthusiastic about what I was doing, was definitely the high point for me. As I was only just starting out as a self-employed maker at the time, it really buoyed me up and made me fel that being a self-employed maker could be ‘a real job’!

One of the creations made at my workshop!      Photo by Rob Watkins
One of the creations made at my workshop! Photo by Rob Watkins

For me the event was a huge success- I still get people coming up to me now saying they know what kanzashi are as a friend of a friend was raving about making them at BMMF, I made several sales of my own kanzashi and taught…ooooh I’m going to say hundreds of people how to make them themselves! I met some fantastic people during the day and was really impressed with the quality of what they made! Lots of people who came to the event blogged about me and my kanzashi afterwards, and I still regularly get hits from the BMMF website where I have a profile.

I didn’t see a huge amount of other makers work because my stall was sooo hectic, but I did get a sneak peek at some things before the event started. My favourite was Will Segerman’s stall which was basically just a random collection of stuff he’d made, but all of which just happened to be incredibly awesome. The wondrous collection included chain mail made of pennies, handmade steampunk style clothing, a ball made of pencils and a giant gun. I also loved Nick Sayer’s Pantograph where you could draw round your body with a giant mechanical arm, to get a mini-sized drawing of yourself! Clearly giantness captures my imagination!

A very intriguing stall!      Photo by Rob Watkins
A very intriguing stall! Photo by Rob Watkins

I’m really keen for handmade enterprises and projects (whether it be science , technology or craft!) to have a higher profile in Brighton. There is so much going in this town, as it seems to be populated with a whole lot of creative people, so this is a great chance to meet up with some of those people, and meet other Brightonians who have an interest in this kind of thing. I strongly encourage anyone who makes something as a hobby, or for a living, to to apply to Brighton Mini Maker Faire so they can have the chance to show the public what they do, and tell them why it inspires them. You are guaranteed a knackering but highly fun and rewarding day!

Right now I’m working on my application, trying to get it in before the 20th June deadline (take note!). This year I hope to create a collaborative kanzashi canvas, but you’ll also be able to take the kanzashi you made home with you in the form of a kanzashi greeting card if you prefer (for a small materials fee!).

If what I’ve told you makes you want to apply, go here and get your application in!:

Hope to see you there! Look for the lady in the kimono!


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