Wisteria Hysteria

Hot on the heels of my decision to photograph a new blog banner every month, I set out early this morning with my husband Rob in tow. I’ve decided that each month (motivation willing) the banner will feature a seasonal motif plus me making a silly face. For this month (May, for those of you not paying attention to such trifles as dates) I had a cunning plan to find some wisteria, which I remembered I’d seen last year growing in a Brighton back-alley, overflowing from someone’s back garden. I could peek out from it in a similar way to April’s cherry blossom banner.

I had romantic visions of me running down the alleyway, with vast swathes of purple blooms billowing to either side as the sun glistened between the branches. Alas! When we found the alleyway, the wisteria had clearly been pruned since last year and was dangling far above head height, tantalizingly out of our reach. Recent bad weather had also battered the plant, leaving it looking quite bedraggled. Also the sun went in. My romantic dream lay tattered in a puddle of murky rainwater.

Luckily we live in the modern age so all was not lost. After taking a little walk round the park and getting some beautiful (and this time, sunny) springtime shots of the seasonal plants, I headed home and cracked open Photoshop, ready to create my romantic wisteria-based fantasy by digitally re-imagining my husband’s existing photographs using only my extremely tenuous Photoshop skills. Well all I can say is I now feel like a bit of a Photoshop genius. Clearly it’s not perfect, and even a small child could see that there is no way my head could be that tiny in comparison to the wisteria buds, but at least now I can imagine I was really there, running wild amongst the wisteria with a demented expression on my face….


5 thoughts on “Wisteria Hysteria

  1. Hahaha, love the new blog banner! xD Oh, wisteria is just so gorgeous ❤ Despite the rain and the sun disappearing you still got some nice shots – I hope everything comes together better for next month's attempt! Do you have any ideas what flower you'll be hunting yet, or is it a secret until June arrives? 😉

    1. Thank you!!

      I love wisteria too. It reminds me of my granny as she had it growing all over her house.

      Yes, I feel I will surely be more lucky with photos in June! I’m using this resource for seasonal kimono motifs (is by another IG member, Ruby Minky): http://greygoat.limewebs.com/kimonoseasonality.html . Peonies are a major favourite of mine so I might buy myself some using the blog as a pretext! I also own a lot of umbrellas so I could branch out from the floral theme and do something with them! I do love irises, but I think it would be hard to get a shot of me peeking out from some, so that may be a no-no, and I know where lots of hydrangea are- in my back garden- so that will be my ‘lazy option’if all else fails!

      1. It must be so hard to pick something to run with when there are so many lovely motifs to pick from but the umbrellas sound like a great idea! 🙂 A little deviation from the floral theme would be nice, or you could go all out and pose with an umbrella, by a hydrangea bush, holding a peony in a pot! It could turn into ‘How many motifs can be crammed into one photo’ haha XD

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