Hummingbird Studio Private View for Brighton Artists Open Houses May 2012

It’s Brighton Festival time again which always makes me happy!

This year I’m exhibiting at the beautiful Hummingbird Studio at 107 Havelock Road, on the ‘Beyond the Level’ trail.

The private view which I attended last night was a ball and it was great to meet other artists who are exhibiting and really admire their creations! It was absolutely heaving in the gallery space and everyone was having so much fun chatting to each other, meeting new people and discussing the works on display.

I have absolutely tonnes of kanzashi there, from tiny brooches right up to huge fascinators! I’m also displaying several framed origami pieces and a large canvas using kanzashi petal techniques, which has currently got pride of place in the window (so chuffed about this!!).

I made my Sakura Mochi as my contribution to the buffet table!

I’m exhibiting alongside studio owner Barbara Spurr and her studio-mate Bebe Bird, as well as Tim Gill, Pixierixie, Ali Boyle, Rebecca Jenkins, Harriet Knightley, Renush, Layla May, Jose Heasman and Lara Sparks.

Glynde by Barbara Spurr
Barbara Spurr creates sweeping landscapes that dramatically capture the patterns and movement of the rugged English countryside.

By Bebe Bird
Bebe Bird makes exquisite yet functional pottery pieces, using the most delicious colours and textures. She also makes sculptures of animals. She made me and my husband an amazing squid and cuttlefish decorated set of mugs, plates and bowls as a wedding present, and we are big fans of her work, owning quite a collection of her pieces!

Hummingbird Studio by Tim Gill
Tim Gill created the iconic Hummingbird Studio stained glass door (featuring a hummingbird naturally!) and has some truly stunning and original stained glass work. My faves are his birds!

Pixierixie makes tiny delicate jewelry.

Just Smoking by Ali Boyle
Ali Boyle is one of my favourites, a photographer capturing characterful street portraits and abstracted architectural details that often had me wondering whether I was looking at a painting or a photograph!

By Rebecca Jenkins
Rebecca Jenkins makes pottery sculptures of birds and birdlike people which really seem to capture the spirit of the animals or people she portrays.

'Tina Stack 2' by Harriet Knightley
Harriet Knightley is another of my personal favourites, partly because I have never seen anything like her amazing designs before, partly because she is lovely and partly because she explained how she makes her pieces to me and it sounds SO COOL, like being a mad scientist!

Aida necklace by Renush
Renush creates sculptural leather accessories and corsets, which have been modeled by the likes of Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and Claudia Schiffer!

By Layla May
Layla May Makes exquisite silver jewelry inspired by natural forms and geometry.

By Jose Heasman
Jose Heasman makes stained glass ‘light catchers’ of native British plants and flowers.

Russian Dolls by Lara Sparks
Lara Sparks embroiders cushions, brooches and lampshades, using a vibrant colour palette which I absolutely adore!


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