Blue and Ivory Brooch

This super classy kanzashi brooch of mine hardly gets any views for some reason!

I’m trying to take a look at my least viewed items on Etsy and reassessing why they don’t get seen. I just rejigged the title and tags for this one- It used to be called ‘blue and taupe silk brooch pin / hair accessory’ or something along those lines. Basically not a great name, as the key info should be in the first three words. Who’s gonna be searching for ‘Blue and Taupe silk’ I ask you?

It’s a bit of an eye opener examining individual items in my shop, especially as I often give shop critiques to other people, and this would be one of the first things I’d pick up on! I clearly don’t follow my own advice!

Do you have an item in your shop that never gets found? Hopefully you should be able to post a picture of it below (If I’ve finally figured out my ‘reply’ settings!)


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