All Orange Kitsuke for a Rainbow/All One Colour Party

I’m wearing:

Sherbet orange bokashi iromuji
Han eri is actually a repurposed kasane eri (hence why it is a bit wrinkled)
Bright orange ro obiage
Deep orange/red obi. I think the motif is abstract plum blossom and snowflakes.
Yellow/orange obijime
Scarlet red/orange tights
Tobacco brown boots (£7.99 from Oxfam, bit of a bargain)

Earlier in the evening I was also wearing a beautiful orange scarf as a headscarf with a huge ridiculous bow in it and an orange kanzashi made from some embroidered brocade obi fabric I got as a free gift from an Etsy shop I bought from recently. Folding kanzashi from embroidered brocade was HARD! I gave the kanzashi to my friend whose birthday it was at the end of the night, and forgot to take a photo of it so you’ll just have to imagine how flinking awesome it was!

I am so pleased with the neatness of this kitsuke! This photo is taken at the end of the night – so it also survived a trip to London and back!

Finally my taiko knot is looking reasonable too. Its still a cheat version with the tesake folded into a fan shape,and not tucked through, as the obi is so teeny tiny. I guess there’s not much I can do apart from cheat when my obi is so small for my figure.

Padding is really working for me now! So glad that I took the plunge and tried it. It does make it hotter wearing kimono, but I also stress out less getting dressed, and don’t have to fret throughout the day that my whole outfit is going to fall off.

Hope fully at some point I will put a little rainbow photo montage together of the one colour party pictures. I forced everyone to do a rainbow line up so you could get the full rainbow effect, but sadly the lighting was extremely low at the party (I disagree with bad lighting) and I don’t think the photos have come out that well.

You can also keep up to date with my kimono wearing and kanzashi making here:


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