Sakura/Cherry Blossom Houmongi, Ume/Plum Blossom and Origami Cranes Obi Kitsuke

I’m wearing:

Synthetic purple sakura motif houmongi
Plum blossom and origami cranes obi
White-pink fade obiage
Aqua ro obiage (for the bow)
Aqua obijime

I decided to try a couple of ensembles with my sakura houmongi as it’s seasonal for Feb/March (and I think I’m just pushing the limits of being able to wear the plum blossom obi, which I’m trying to get as much in-season wear out of as possible as I love it so!)

The bow is inspired by Lyuba-Chan at Strawberry Kimono who has posted a couple of ensembles with the obiage in a bow.Mine was a rather inelegant attempt, but hopefully I shall improve!

Both the obi I used during this kitsuke session are super small and the plum blossom one is vintage with signs of wear so I’m a bit scared to test it too much, in case I damage it. My taiko knots were not very successful as I was having to do every cheat in the book to get enough length out of the super short obis. There wasn’t even enough for the tesake to feed through the drum at the end. I thought I’d done a cunning concertina of it sitting to the side of the drum, but in fact it got caught up when I twisted the knot round to the back and you couldn’t see it at all 😦

I’m pleased with the colour coordinations of both outfits (see previous post for the other outfit) but my overall kitsuke was looking quite bedraggled by the time I put on the second obi and accessories (The plum ensemble)

Photo by the awesome Rob Watkins:

See Lyuba-Chan’s blog and her bows here:


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