Kimono at the Japan Club Open Day and on the Brighton Bandstand

So I had a really great seasonal outfit planned for the Japan Club Open Day, involving my sakura houmongi, but then I decided that a houmongi was really a lot too formal and I’d look very overdressed. I switched at the last minute to my new brown vintage komon (kasuri? Not sure). I kept all the accessories from the original outfit I’d planned, which really worked quite well.

The obi is a brand new one I got off ebay. I love the design but it is VERY VERY small and my rather miserable looking bunko kept unravelling at inopportune moments. Luckily Tegan and Michio who were running the ‘dress in kimono’ stall fixed it for me . Twice.

After losing quite a bit of weight,I’ve finally rediscovered the fact that I have a waist. Obi’s don’t like this new discover however, so I’ve been experimenting with padding. I didn’t nail it in this particular kitsuke and I’ve ‘cunningly’ padded my waist AND my stomach for a strange ‘under-bulge’ effect. Hopefully me efforts at padding will slowly improve. I think ideally I need 2 small handtowels rather than one small normal towel.

This was also one of my most fun experiences of wearing kimono! Everyone was very welcoming at the Japanese Club and I was even invited up on stage to give a brief impromptu talk about Kimono De Jack (I felt like a bit of a fraud as I’ve only ever gone to one meet up!). Then after we left the club it was an absolutely beautiful day so we went for a walk on Brighton seafront, to the bandstand, through the Old Market (where we got married in 2009) and to the fishmongers (where I drew a small crowd of interested people!)

Photo by the awesome Rob Watkins:


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