All Orange Kitsuke (darker obi)

I realised I finally have enough pieces of a single colour to manage a single colour challenge for IG (Immortal Geisha forum). Who would have thought it would be orange? It is my favourite colour, but not one I ever wear when dressing in western clothes.

I’m EXTREMELY pleased with my collars and bustline in these photos. I used an elasticated datejime as binding and tied 2 koshihimo, one at the waist and one as a korin belt on both the juban and kimono layers. Definitely going to use this method in future as this is basically the first time my collars haven’t been eaten by my kimono (probably cos I was using an elasticated korin belt before).

With Taiko musubi

I’m desperately trying to master the taiko and nijutaiko knots for obi at the moment. I finally feel like I have bit more of a handle on them, and they seem to be more sturdy and less saggy now when I make them.

And now I’m just being silly with a ukulele to promote Absolute Beginners Guitar and Ukulele Tutorials who I’m doing social media for and have filmed a (very bad) tutorial for! Check them out here:


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