Bunny Yukata and Striped Hanhaba

Trying a shorter length kitsuke. I think I prefer a mid calf length, this felt a bit risque! 

I love my new bunny and uchiwa fans yukata sooo much! I originally thought it was bunnies jumping in front of the moon which would have been very cool, but i think on closer inspection they are round fans.

Here, I’m trying to work unusual colours in a sort of brown/pink spectrum with the blue. I get very tempted to coordinate around just one or 2 colours, but I actually think my ensembles are more successful when they don’t ‘match’ too well.

The bunny yukata and both the obis I tried the shorter kitsuke with are christmas presents! I got a real haul including proper tabi with kohaze and a han eri!

I’m moderately pleased with how this musubi came out, but for some reason the name of the musubi escapes me-karuta musibi maybe? 

I’m wearing tights and heels in all of the photos of the knee length kitsuke- it looked VERY odd with bare legs, tabi and geta I can tell you! My knobbly knees were glaring at the camera!


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