Replying to lovely comments

I’m really embarrassed that I can’t work out how to reply to comments that people have left on my posts, or even post a message directly to them to reply, so I’m just gonna reply in a new post!

Thank you to pollyfranceselizabeth ( )for your nice comments and questions!

Ahhhh these are so lovely! Especially like the super colourful ones in the picture on the left. Do you run workshops regularly?

I have only run workshops at about 3 different events. The first 2 were free drop in ones and were completely mental, very messy and I was really just showing the method rather than people leaving with something wonderful to take home with them (though some people did! But quite a few left with big gluey messes). They were at The Makers Faire Brighton and a Deaf Diaspora Day at Hamilton Lodge School for Deaf Children (which I did in sign language- yeeha!)

The workshop for Cascade was a workshop which I got paid to run and which people paid to attend (as part of a wider launch event). This was a MUCH classier affair and was held at Metro Deco (a gorgeous cafe in Brighton) yesterday evening. People created a really highly finished kanzashi brooch and/or hairclip which they took home. I was really impressed with what people made. I really wish I’d photographed them all! There was a photographer there so I will share any pics of it!

I think this is a nice length if you want to wear it to a party or social event where you don’t have to worry about authenticity so much. It looks good! And you get to show off your pretty shoes 🙂

Yeah I really agree with your comment- I find it much less restricting wearing it higher. I think this length really bridges the gap between western dress and kimono fashions. I dressed this yukata as a komon with a juban underneath because then it’s more appropriate to wear the obiage an dobijime (which I love to do!) with it, but usually a wool juban, even under a yukata, even in winter would probably be too hot at a party!


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