Blue and Yellow Kitsuke: Bunny Yukata and Seafoam Hanhaba

Blue bunny and uchiwa yukata

Blue/seafoam 1 and a half width hakata obi

Yellow obijime

Mustard and brown obiage

Gold shoes!!

Trying a shorter length kitsuke. I think I prefer a mid calf length, this felt a bit risque! This was my New Years outfit, although I actually forgot to take the amazing gold shoes out of the carrier bag I brought them in -Whoops!

I love this obi, but it seems to be a funny width- halfway between a hanhaba and a full width. I wore it without folding it, because I quite liked the different proportions it gave to the outfit, but I have not idea if this is correct! If anyone knows, please tell me the correct way to wear it!!

It didnt work so well at the back! I was trying to do the same musubi as for the striped obi (I can’t remember the name of the musubi), but it looked very odd with this. Maybe partly just cos it was my first try! Also in both the shots of my back here all I can see is massive wrinkles! I need to remember that even if i can’t see my back, others can!


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