Ridiculous Postman Pat Van/Vintage Car Kimono Glamour Shots!

On the way up to my friends party we stopped for a toilet break at Pease Pottage Motorway services. Never has a toilet break been so glamorous! We got so many stares and compliments (before we started posing wildly) that we *may* have got a *little* carried away about how great we looked. We also got quite a lot of stares during our impromptu photo-shoot, but I suspect that may have been more of the ‘what are those weirdos doing?’ variety.

I think using our tiny little ‘Patmobile’ (as we call it) really ups the glamour stakes too.

I must remember that huge strides in a kimono with ankle socks looks a bit odd.

We toned it down a little bit in the crazy poses when we saw this little vintage car on the back of a trailer!

SO GLAD we didn’t climb into it like we all wanted to, as when we walked away from taking the photos the car pulling it drove away! The people must have been in there watching us the whole time! *blush*

I’m wearing a deep pink (and slightly faded) synthetic houmongi with plum blossom motif. My obi is teal and sage with mandarin ducks and seigaiha. I have a kanzashi garland handmade by me in my hair. I’m wearing a mauve shibori obiage and a violet obijime. Never sure about shibori obiage-can I wear it with a houmongi??

Photo by Rob Watkins: www.flickr.com/photos/robnwatkins/


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