Forgot to post this kitsuke! This is one I wore to the vintage and handmade market in Brighton, The Yard ( ). This is a vintage, taisho era striped komon in purple mauve and vermillion. I’ve done a very heavily coordinated look, matching the obi, obijime and (somewhat too formal) obiage to the colours contained within the kimono. I’m not mad keen on this outfit, I think it looks a bit overdone and I didn’t quite hit the length right on the hem (not visible in this photo, but I was aiming for a ‘too high hem’ look about mid calf, but it manages to look very frumpy for some reason, maybe because the kimono is a bit too small width-wise too).

Anyway we are being a bit silly in this photo! My friend is squatting behind me holding the giant fan up (which I’ve been using to decorate my stall since I found it abandoned by the side of the road! SUCH A KILLER FIND!!) which is why I’m trying not to laugh!

Photo by!/misskirstymunro 


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