Folksy Friday: Maple Leaves

This is another Japanese November motif, the maple,. Thought I’d better do this one quick as nearly all the leaves have fallen and we’re heading towards the really bleak period of winter. Luckily for now we still have a few red and yellow leaves left to add some warm hues to our lives! I keep meaning to head to Nymans or Wakehurst Place to see a bit of Autumn colour- I’d better go soon before it’s too late for this year!

Here are some gorgeous maple-based offerings from the Folksy website to get you thinking autumnally this week!

From my shop, I think this brooch captures the fading red Maple leaves very nicely:Kanzashi Brooch Pin in Oyster, Taupe, Red, and Cerise Silk


Acer Leaf Pendant by Mead Moon

Copper Leaf by Craft Thou Art

Leaf Stamp by Jolyon Yates

Maple Syrup Comb by Crown and Glory

Leaf Cut Outs by Craft Supplies UK

Red Acer Tree Photo by Little Owls

Acer Greeting Card by HonestMistake

Maple Leaf Purse by Lady Joon

Vinyl Record Earrings by KrissysVinyl


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