This is the piece which I submitted to #OffBeige, a recent pop up exhibition in Brighton organised by Collate Presents.

I think ideally when producing works like this in future I would prefer to work in silk rather than cotton and polycottons, but currently finances dictate such decisions!

Here is my artists statement:

I am interested in making art that reflects the season and place it is meant for. This is because of my interest in and practice of Japanese traditional crafts and kitsuke (kimono dressing), within which, harmony with time and place are of great importance.

I am interested in the place where different languages and cultures meet.

I work in textiles and additional materials such as wire and acrylics. I use folded fabric techniques inspired by the Japanese traditional craft of tsumami kanzashi to make the three dimensional fabric forms seen in my work.

For the Off Beige brief I was inspired by the many different formal shades of beige in Japan, which are numerous and which have names usually taken from the natural world and which evoke a feeling of the seasons. I felt this contrasted strongly with my immediate reaction to ‘beige’ which was “beige equals boring, swirly, old people’s carpets, stagnation and death”

The shade of brown called ‘pale fallen leaves’ in Japanese seemed to fit with the time of year so I used this as the starting point for the piece. I chose to work with a horse chestnut leaf motif because the Brighton streets in the area near the gallery are lined with this kind of tree and it will be a familiar symbol of autumn for many local people. As languages and cultures are forced to find common ground when they meet, I looked for the common ground between my idea of beige and the Japanese image of ‘pale fallen leaves’.

Link to Collate Presents:


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