Yukata as Komon Kitsuke for The Yard 13/11/11

Markets are funny events to do kitsuke for- they are definitely on the informal scale of things, I need to be able to move about and at this time of year I need to keep warm easily. 

I have only one komon ( a vintage striped purple and vermillion taisho number) which I love , but is a teeny bit small and I worry about it getting damaged at an all day outdoor event. So that constitues my only really suitable kimono formality-wise for the situation. Unless that is I crack into my many yukatas and dress them as komons (thank god for my wool juban!). I also feel a bit more comfortable experimenting with slightly more out there styles in a yukata . So here I raised the hem and wore trainers (not pictured) for practical reasons – I have to load and unload all my kanzashi boxes and and bags from the car . It’s definitely not practical to have to do my kimono walk whilst lifting!

I also wore a furisode level obiage in a very furisode-suited style- I love experimenting with obiage and doing elaborate things with it! Plus, I only own shibori obiage- though I’ve just rectified this with a recent ebay purchase!

Anyway, this outfit got SO many nice comments and compliments-  so hopefully this means my kitsuke is improving. One girl even wanted her photo taken with me!


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