Folksy Friday

So I slightly deviated from my plan of doing Japanese seasonal motifs by focusing on Jam and Jam Making this week! That’s because I’ve been making a lot of jam lately and i love it, so I felt the need to share my love of jam with the world. This Folksy Friday is things for making jam, things that go into jam, the colours of jam and things that jam goes into, such as nice cake 🙂

I now wish to boast about my jam making! I have made so far: Apple and Cinnamon Jam, Rosehip and Apple Jam and also Sloe and Apple Jam. I think there were some wild plums or bullaces in with the sloes too. I also made Sloe vodka. That’s not jam though, I know.

Country Jams by Doll Face Photos×5-Card

Blackberry jewelry by PatsParaphenalia

Plum Mobius Snood by The Knitted Duck

Jam Funnel by Jill Holland

Jam Pot by Birchcroft Ceramics

Storage Jars by Red Brick Glass

Tea Towel by Jillty Drawings

Felt Ornaments by The Happy Whale

Vintage Jar Wrap by The Cotton Potter


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