Orange sherbert iromuji with teal obi

I don’t think the michiyuki really goes particularly but I wanted to show it off! Got it on ebay for £5 including p&p –

Not a particularly great example of the niju taiko- but my first attempt.


I’m trying to find suitable ensembles for tea ceremony- I went to a tea ceremony demo recently and got completely confused about what obi and obi musubi were acceptable to wear to it! I ended up (completely wrongly) wearing a fukuro obi in a bunko knot :0 , but luckily I think there was only one person present who might possibly have known I was dressed incorrectly other than the friend I went with.

I had basically forgotton about the double taiko, and only remembered ‘you can’t wear a taiko with a fukuro obi’. So now I know- wear a nijutaiko to tea ceremony!


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