White yukata and red hanhaba obi

Doing an ohashori-less kitsuke with this one due to it being on the short side for me. It was clearly a bit of a warm evening as I’ve got a bit of a ‘glow’ about me!

I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this kimono. As in loved it when it arrived, hated it when I put it on, now seem to be loving it again!. The problem was that I was trying to force an ohashori out of it, leading to it having an ‘ankle-swinging’ look floating about 2 inches above my ankles (which I think creates a very unattractive and unflattering look). I was also wearing the collar right up against my neck, rather than a four-finger width pulled back and having some boob/bra issues which I’ve since resolved by wearing a sports bra. You can see this photo to compare my progress in this yukata!


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