Folksy Friday…erm…on Saturday…: Chrysanthemums

So I clearly haven’t got into a proper routine with my Folksy Fridays yet as yesterday I forgot to do one. So here it is belatedly! Throughout Autumn I’m going to be doing Folksy Fridays based on different Japanese kimono motifs appropriate to the Autumn months. This time chrysanthemums are up. There are surprisingly few things with a chrysanthemum motif and most of those that do use it are referencing or re-purposing Japanese textiles, so clearly this is a particularly Japan-specific motif. Wearing will definitely create an elegant oriental feel to any outfit! I love the luxe materials used in this set. Chrysanthemums definitely add an understated touch of class.

Vintage kimono cushion by ribbonreal

Leather iPhone Case by Beautiful Skin

Leaf earrings by Beadish Delight

Silk Wall hanging by Momiji

Painting by Malice in Underland

Flowers Cushion by Emmaline Squires Home

Chrysanthemum brooch by Sue2

Chrysanthemum Card by ellejanedesigns

Leather Cuff Wallet by Beautiful Skin


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