Folksy Friday

This is my first Folksy Friday ever! Hopefully it will be an ongoing thing that I remember to do. This week I was inspired by Japanese seasonal motifs from kimono prints. For early Autumn, around September and October these include deer, fireworks, persimmon, gingko, maple, chrysanthemum and orchids. I thought I’d base each Folksy Friday throughout autumn on a single motif, and go for all styles rather than just Japanese style. As deer are a more of a late summer motif I thought I’d start here. 

There seems to be a big range in the way deer are used as a motif on Folksy from super cute kawaii , through whimsical to a more sturdy or even noble feel. This selection represents what I feel are the best and most original use of deer motifs on the site! I’ve also tried to represent items across a range of budgets. 

Making this collection reminded me of the Japanese kimono trend ‘mori (woodland or forest) girl’. I think many of the jewellry and accesories form this set would be a perfect complement to a mori girl outfit and I would really like to try the style for a blog post in future!

Stag Cameo Cushion Cover by Pure of Hart

Pink Deer Necklace by Heroine Industries

Fawn Greeting Card by Sally Boyle

Wooden Stag Brooch by twiggd

Deerfolk Card by Champignons

Fawn Felt Brooch by Kaela Mills

‘STAG’ Cushion by Kelly & Jenkins

Illustration Print by Lucy’s Happy Place

Stag Brooch by Alexis Southam Jewellery


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