What I wore to Japan Matsuri 2011

This is a cotton yukata which has been dressed ‘up’ with a wool juban underneath (the weather forecast said it would be freezing, but it wasn’t!). I decided against geta as with stretch tabi the whole walking thing is just too slippy! I was trying to get a slightly kimono-hime look- not sure if I succeeded!

A bit of a shame that the front of the obi looks horribly crumpled- I just couldn’t seem to get it tight enough and smooth. Ah well! Plus I was rushing to try and catch the train which didn’t help!

I would really like to know a bit more about seasonality in kimono and kitsuke. I was posing so seasonally in front of the sweet chestnuts- but I’m pretty sure my kimono motifs are not really seasonally appropriate! There were some falling leaves on it though! Also butterflys and an unidentified flower. I think I was very led by the colours which to me feel more autumnal- but that may be me looking at it with a western sense of colour and season!

Photos by Rob Watkins: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robnwatkins/


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