So, the day before yesterday Amanda Palmer put a call out on Twitter for people to bring shiny things for her to wear at her gig in Brighton (which I had tickets for). I’d already had a plan to make a kanzashi inspired by the dress she was wearing on teh cover of her duet with Kim Boekbinder, ‘Such Great Heights’. So I quickly got making and produced this kanzashi (I added gold flowers for last minute extra-shinyness) and LO! She wore it on stage. I found this mega mega exciting! Also got to meet her at the signing, where I was very starstruck, but managed to convey that she could keep it!

Also- good news- my kanzashi are performance proof- that is, it stayed on her head all night and in one piece despite much head-banging-swinging-swishing and even safety dancing!

Also I’ve rather naughtily put the click through link for this photo to go to my Cuttlefishlove Kanzashi Facebook fan page as it gets too annoying with the formatting to embed links in a photo post! Click through and go ‘like’ me people!


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