Forgot to blog my new(ish) Taisho-era kimono. I’m not sure whether striped kimonos count as Tsukesage or Houmongi……but whichever it is, these stripes feel very funky! This kimono is way way toooo small (and I noticed on Saturday that one of the sleeves is falling off- but that’s easily fixable!) Feeling quite excited already about getting some accessories to dress this with, but I’m not sure of the formality of this kind of kimono. At the weekend a pretty knowledgeable kimno enthusiast friend of mine described this kind of kimono (Taisho, omeshi silk) as like wearing your favourite pair of casual jeans- so I think casual is the way forward…but can I wear a nagoya obi with it in that case (as in this photo)…? And if its informal range, should I be wearing it without obiage and obijime or is this just an example of dressing ‘upwards’ in formality? Oh the many questions!

EDIT: It’s a komon not a houmongi or a tsukesage! Still got a lot to learn 😉


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