Sushi nomnoms from Moshi Moshi Brighton! I love the way the salmon sashimi and squid nigiri glisten in the light! The sushi is served on a really cute platter that reminds me of a geta sandal. Moshi Moshi is one of the best sushi joints in Brighton (My other faves are E-kagen and Murusaki) and also boasts an ethical fishing policy which is endorsed by the Green Party. Rock On Moshi Moshi, liking your eco stylings :D !!

I’m also just having palpitations as I’ve realised that Moshi now do delivery (via taxi which you pay for but then you get a £5 off in the restaurant voucher in return). As I’m more of an eating in kinda girl I’ve gotta go try! 

I frequently browse sushi porn (er that’s drool inducing photos of sushi btw not anything more…er…weird…) but photos that truly capture the yummyiness seem to be a little bit rare! This extremely delish looking shot was photographed by the very talented Emily Forrest of who also happens to run the blog My Kawaii Space home of all things Japan-related and cute!

Clicking on the image will take you to the full set of sushi goodness and Emily’s own blog post about her trip to Moshi Moshi!

Please make sure you retain the photo credit if you reblog this! I get sad seeing so many amazing images on Tumblr that no longer have a link to the person who created them 😥

Visit Moshi Moshi: 


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