More kimono related goodness- This time something I actually own! This is a vintage (1960’s) Chu Furisode, which means its got medium long sleeves and is suitable for a young unmarried girl (so basically not me, but I am going to wear it anyway as I’m sure the number of people who know that its not an appropriate kimono for me will be minimal!)

I plan to wear it for my 30th birthday party for which the theme is ‘Wear the outfit you’ve always wanted to wear but never had the opportuity to!’ I know  its not a very catchy title, but it seems lik e a good theme for a 30th birthday, in the spirit of things you should do before you’re 30 etc. Also it has spurred me into kimono ownership and I’m now trying to amass all the accessories in time for August.

Oh yes, its also a Spring kimono and I’m wearing it in August„ but hey, in Britain its probably still going to pretty springlike by international standards, even in August!


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