Things that make me happy #4 (and a possible haiku inspiration for my website’s competition??) RAINBOWS and rainbow coloured things (also sorting by colour, which will be up next I think).

Ok it is my 30th birthday this year and along with my theme of ‘wear the outfit you always wanted to wear but have never had the opportunity to ’ (ahem…snappy, I know) I think I may have to add make/do/eat the stuff you always wanted to. A rainbow cake is def top of my list… hmm what else have I always wanted to eat but never had the chance…..? I feel there may be many more things to add to this list…..


Art gallery party: Rainbow Cake

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat. Cake inspired by Kaitlin Flannery’s rainbow cake. This cake created by Dusti Ondryas.


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